Buyers beware we are having someone selling puppies as Pure Breed Adroniucs Mastiff's.
This is not the first or the last time that someone has tried to take advantage of all my hard work.

I am the Originator of the Aronicus Mastiff and all transaction regarding these dogs are overseen by me personally.

If you run across any adds please contact me first before buying to verify authenticity of the dog.

Info to provide me with:
1. Is the Breeder on our site? Click Here.
2. Breeders Name?
3. Are the Male and Female (Parents) pictured on this website?
4. Does the Breeder have an Official Adronicus Coin to show you? To Prove they are Offical Members. Click Here.
5. If the answer is no to any of these questions the breeder is not legitament and they have proven they are imposters and fraudulently doing business, unfortunately using my name.

P.S. - Sorry for this inconvenience I just don’t want to see anyone getting taken advantage of.
Thank you.

Cary Mejia
Ph# 951-966-8902




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